Vignoble de Berlou en Languedoc

You will find further on the Bacchus hiking tourist route.
From the starting point, turn left and take the uphill road. You can see a little garden on your right side. This garden is located along the Rieu-Berlou river. It is a very peculiar place thanks to its Noria.
What is a Noria?
This is an ancient system used in the past centuries to inrrigate kitchen gardens.
The Noria's aim was to raise the water level inside wells. The Noria is made of pots or buckets linked to the well's chain.
These pots or buckets entered empty inside the well and got outside full of water, thanks to a revolving cylinder system.
The all system was moved by a donkey turning around the well. The donkey was linked to the well by some sort of
'artificial arm'.
The water flowed out into channels and from these channels to somme little round water bassins called "tannes". The water was stocked in the "tannes" in order to be dispatched on plantings.
After the Noria visit, you will cross an hamlet called Labartharié (which belong to Berlou village since 1955. Before 1955 it belonged to the village of Ferrières-Poussarou).
Turn right on the Montahuc street and keep on walking straight forward to the top of the hill. Turn on the right side at the cistern level, then stop walking. You have reached the first wine and food tasting rendez-vous.

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